KING - Best e-mini futures trading results of 2012

They are so good that I even did not post them on this site. 

Well, that's not exactly why they did not appear here. I did not post them here because I posted them on my blog at I often post my trading results in the regular trading results sections soon after I managed to make $200 or so, which is what your daily target with KING should be with a handful of contracts. But I may continue my trading after a break that I take to post here, especially if I start my trading early (that does not happen too often) and good volatility facilitates it.

That's what the two screenshots right below show. A break in my trading, in addition to results over $1000.

The first screenshot shows trading results from November 7th. The second also comes from the same month, the 14th day of it.  The contract traded in both cases, and in the overwhelming majority of screenshots in the 2012 emini trading results gallery, is YM, the Dow e-mini futures contract.

the best of emini trading results with KING in 2012

As you can see, I had a short break in trading, about 20 minutes, after my first 4 trades in the morning that netted a bit over 200 bucks, but since volatility was good and it was still early in the day and the trend appeared to be decidedly down,  I continued to trade. See also the screenshot posted in the "official" results section on November 7th.

the second best of emini trading results with KING in 2012

Again, you can spot a break here, between 12:40 and 13:31 EST. And the screenshot with the results that I posted on this site shows the results before the break. 

And here is the screenshot with the results from my last trading day in 2012, also posted to my blog.

the last day of emini trading results with KING in 2012

You can see the same break pattern here as well, even more pronounced, as the break lasted well over an hour in this case. For comparison, see the screenshot with the results posted in the "official" trading results section.

In the past, I would occasionally post trading results updates on this site, particularly if they were very good, but it's much easier to post them to a blog, so I expect to be doing so in the near future as well. Moreover, in the past, in 2008-2010, I was not using my Blogger blog at all. I started to post some extra information there only in 2012, at least in earnest. I posted there in 2011 a bit, too.

For more about KING, an e-mini futures day trading course (or trading methodology, if you will), check out the course main page through the link provided. It is because of the emini trading methods this methodology comprises that the results like that are possible.