KING - Quickies or fast e-mini futures trades

The following three images have a common theme: they all show lots of "quickies," as I like to call them, or fast e-mini futures trades that do not take even a whole minute to reach the target, the target being at least 5 ticks. The market traded is YM, the Dow Jones e-mini futures.

The first image is the most recent one as it comes from November 2012. It shows 5 quickies. Notice that there are 5 trades shown, so that means that all trades are quickies. The shortest is only 14 seconds in duration. And it took a bit less than 10 minutes to take all those trades.

E-mini day trading can be a fast business indeed, even if not every day. But then again, an hour a day to make $200 or so, which is possible most of the time with a modest number of contracts if you are a skilled futures scalper as some of KING students are, is not necessarily what I would call a long day of work.

fast e-mini futures trades, example #1

The next image shows 10 trades total and again all of them are quickies. The shortest is only 1 second in duration (no kidding!). An e-mini trade just cannot get any faster than that. That's the Usain Bolt of e-mini futures trades. This image is the screenshot of my trading results from one lovely day in 2011.

fast e-mini futures trades, example #2

Finally, the image right below shows 15 quickies out of 28 trades total. That's quite a number. It comes from August 4th, 2011. You can read more about it in the special article dedicated to the e-mini trading results that are possible (if very rarely) if you enjoy scalping with a trading methodology like KING. Notice that all those 10 trades were taken within only 20 minutes or even a bit less than that.

fast e-mini futures trades, example #3

What makes e-mini futures trades that quick possible?

Two factors: very good timing and great volatility. I would say that the latter is even more important than the former, but, of course, it's hard to score quickies like that with poor timing. I cannot guarantee good volatility, but I think I can assure you in good faith that with KING, an e-mini futures trading course that encourages trading excellence, your quickies will become more frequent.

With KING, quickies are indeed not uncommon. You can expect them virtually every week, and on some days you will get more than one as I showed you in the trading screenshots above and as you can see in many such screenshots in the 2012 e-mini trading results page or in similar trading results pages from the years past.

For more about KING, a discretionary emini day trading methodology par excellence, check out its main page.