Moving this site to a new registrar and a new host

This site has been around for nearly 11 years now and I plan to keep it going for a few more, at the very least.

However, one has to change things from time to time, no matter how painful this may feel. Yes, it may be painful if the only reason you are doing it is because the business you have been relying on to keep this site online just cannot be trusted very much.

It's not that I have done anything wrong or that this site has been engaging in any suspect activity. On the contrary, it's the other party that has failed to do the right thing when it was expected of them. I am even thinking about treating them to a class action lawsuit because their (deliberately) negligent attitude did not only affect negatively my business, but dozens if not hundreds of other US-based businesses as well.

So sayonara, criminal thugs.

This may be a bit of pain in the neck, but I will end up saving a little of money on this move and supporting a local business too because the company I am switching to is a L.A. company. I learned about it just recently. Had I known that before, I would have probably made this move sooner.

The move in question should not affect this site in any major manner. I hope it will be completed by October 15th, at the very latest and then I should be able to go back to working on the trading forum once again. That's my main focus now, which often gets lost because of all sorts of distractions. The more successful you are, the more you have to deal with criminal scum. Eventually, they will lose. Heck, they may even not know that it's coming.

Posted on October 5th, 2016.

More than 4 years later, I am still with these guys. Yes, that's probably just inertia, although rather bad, but if I am still with them in two more years, there is definitely something wrong with me...

Updated on December 20th, 2020.