George II - Testimonials

This system is mostly for educational purposes, as it can develop relatively deep drawdowns, which, however, is true of many other simple systems out there. In fact, during the last few months of credit crisis (the second half of 2008), many simple systems of this kind would have produced losses of 40 point or so per trade in ES, which would have been impossible in this system as its maximum stop-loss is 5.75 pt per trade. Since this system thrives on volatility, it has done quite well during those very testing times.

However, if you are a bit more experienced system trader and have better (or at least adequate) skills in the area of money management, then this system is certainly tradable. Heck, it could be tradable even if you were to wait for a significant drawdown to develop and start trading it at this point with enough bankroll to withstand fluctuations in your equity.

Because of these reasons, I have not received too many testimonials for this system, but just recently I got one from an experienced system trader who saw some value in George II.

This testimonial is from Martin and its fragment follows below.

"I must say that I will find room for George II among my other strategies. It's not for everyone, but someone with deeper pockets and a good grasp of money management techniques should do well with this system in volatile markets.

For 65 bucks, it's a total steal. That's probably the best thing I have bought in the sub 100 dollar category this year." - Martin

And here is another testimonial, from Don, with some sad story that I am quite compelled to share with you so that you could learn from Don's experience. If you think Don's story is an exception rather than a rule, please don't. Here is why.

I know of some other CTA who a few years back (2004-2005) was selling a trading methodology, relatively unknown to the beginners, yet freely available on the Internet for a few years already even back then. The price? Brace yourself. $3000! Yep, I am not making this up one bit.

Well, obviously, he was not just selling what you could get for free out there. What he did was to slap together a few videos about it. Just like that. Would you pay $3000 for a bunch of videos? Is this really an honest offer? I doubt it, but since he was a CTA, he had this aura of government trustworthiness, which can persuade some naive people. A bit later, he even published a book about trading. Then (what a huge surprise!) he hired a bunch of shills from a marketing agency that would pretend to be independent reviewers on in order to boost sales of his book, the most constipation inducing book I have ever read.

The moral of these two stories is rather simple: just because someone is government certified does not mean he can offer you a good, fair deal. Not in the least. And since it's pretty easy to become a CTA, it should not come as a surprise that some people will use their CTA status to boost their earning power, to put it mildly.

"You have a customer for life. Perhaps I should even pay you the remaining $2,900 that you were kind enough not to charge me, LOL... " - Don