KING - Tweeting e-mini futures trading results for two years now

The title says it all. I started this 2 years ago, on May 21st, 2013, as you can also verify on this very site in its 2013 trading results section.

Here is the very first of tweets like that. Each of them features a screenshot with my latest trading result along with all the previous ones.

The first tweet with my e-mini futures trading results

I did not expect it to last that long. Trust me, things can get boring pretty fast if you do this time and again for months. But if you are one of those who get easily overwhelmed by boredom or who easily abandon their projects, you will not make it as a trader. You need some staying power.

On May 21st, 2013, no special day at all, I started posting my trading results to Twitter in near real-time, which means right after a trade completion, very often within a minute or so. It may take about a minute to take a screenshot and then post it on Twitter, unless you are really fast, in which case you can do it within a 15-30 seconds. But then again, this is really not about breaking some speed records.

I usually tweet my last trade result several times a day, about 5 times a day on average. My daily record is 17 trading results tweets, if I recall it correctly. It was set last year.

I talk about my tweeting of trading results on this site in more than one article, but these days I rarely even mention it, another sign that the novelty and the excitement that often accompanies novelties are pretty much gone, as you would probably expect it.

But two years later, I am apparently still a lone wolf when it comes to tweeting day trading results in real time, or close to it, among many of the trading vendors out there, most of whom would have you believe that you can make money with their trading tools.

How about showing this in real time in some accountable manner? Not so many of them do so even in their educational trading rooms, where results are not what matters, but rather learning how to trade. Now, how do you know you can learn to successfuly trade e-mini futures markets from someone who cannot produce consistent results? Well, that's one great mystery to me.

I am afraid that's the novelty most of these people will never accept. Too disrupting. Marketing is really what they do the best so why allow something as minor as the inability to produce winning results with your magic indicators to interfere with the art of marketing.

Virtually all the trading results you see in my Twitter media gallery (about 1,100 of them by now) come from the Dow Jones e-mini futures market, my favorite market to trade. But the trading methodology that made them possible, KING, can be used on other markets as well, ES being the next best one as it moves in a very similar manner to YM.

Since I opened this article with one of the oldest tweets featuring my trading results, let me close it with one from one of recent trading sessions. Yes, you can do well with KING.

One of the last tweets with my e-mini futures trading results

Posted on May 23rd, 2015.