Easy money in stocks

Have you ever bought one of these ebooks that promise you all the riches out there that will materialize for you right after you apply the wisdom the ebook is supposed to contain. So you wade through all the filler with no wisdom but just the most basic stuff you have already learned in your kindergarten and when the ebook is about to end, a method of some sorts is presented to you. It may or may not work and if the ebook was $20 to $99 it will most likely not.

Well, let me offer you a completely different approach. What you will get from me is not 100 pages full-packed with information that will overwhelm you (and all that for just $19.95- man, what a bargain!), but only 4 pages with very precise information and for only $175. If you are like me, a practical person, you would rather choose 4 pages of concrete information over 100 pages of mostly fluff.

Thus, if you would like to learn more about a very simple yet powerful method that consistently delivers profits in the 20% range then please read on.

I made really good money using the method my little ebook describes. In 2000-2001 I tripled my investment in a very safe manner in only 3 quarters. Recently, in May and then in October-November of 2005, I have made enough money to live comfortably on for a year or two even in a place as expensive as Los Angeles. It took only two trades to accomplish that, each of which did not last even a month. The same stock that made me money in 2001, made me money again and I knew it would. Now, you might understand why I am not willing to sell this info for $19.99 or even $99.99. In fact, even $175 that I am asking for is quite inexpensive in my opinion. I do not trade stocks regularly these days, so I really do not look for this kind of opportunities, but I do follow a few stocks that made me good money in the past and when I see this opportunity in one of them, I do make sure to load up. The stocks that made me money in the past may return to the buying area again and I will definitely take advantage of it too. So could you. To the tune of thousands of dollars ...

The method targets stocks in the $4-6 price range that are ready for a bounce. Sometimes these stocks turn into rolling stocks offering more than one trading opportunity a year. And since these stocks are cheap you can afford to buy more shares.

When I was buying this stock in October 2005, I visited the Yahoo message board of the stock. The messages on the board were indicating that the people holding it had very shaky hands. They did not know what was going on as the stock seemed to be tanking. Some two weeks later, the day I unloaded my stock, a message appeared on the same board insinuating insider trading in the stock!! According to the poster there was absolutely no reason for the intensive buying in this stock the previous week. According to me it was and no inside information was really needed for that. The information I acted on is in the public domain, but it may take some brains to connect the dots in order to benefit from it.

All you need is two numbers. When they are close you buy. I will show you how to find one of them. Finding the other one is trivial. It takes no more than 15 minutes a day to screen for stocks like that. That's all ... I call this smart trading.

You should understand that opportunities like that do not occur every week or even every month, but the method is general and as such it applies not only to my little gem of the stock I mentioned above, but to other stocks as well. If you believe in selective, safe, intelligent trading and want to benefit from this method over the course of your trading career, this is something for you. Stay open to opportunities, be prepared for them and they will find you. Rush is the last thing you need for profitable trading.

This method could be perfect for those trading in their 401K accounts. Two of my customers had told me that, so I thought it might be a good idea to bring it up here.

The method has been designed for the US stock market and even though it would be, in principle, possible to apply it to other stock markets, please do not order it unless you intend to use it for the US stock market.

You do not need any special software or data for this except the quotes from your broker. All analysis can be done online using free resources. That's how uncomplicated this method is.

The method comes with a money back guarantee (minus a $25 refund fee), but the guarantee does not apply to discounts, offered from time to time, if rarely.

All I request is that you take at least 5 trades using it and that each time you open and then close your position, you inform me about it by email. You should use the same number of shares for your trades, say 100, for the sake of consistency. If after these 5 trades you are not showing a profit, your money will be promptly refunded to you. You don't need to actually trade, it's enough to papertrade to qualify for this money back guarantee.

This method also comes with an e-mail support.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions, the Pictures, and the Updates sections for more information about this method. You may also want to visit a section of Testimonials.

Price: $175 (to help the victims of war in Ukraine only $75).

Any questions? Please let me know. Put "EMIS" in the subject of your message.

You can order this product here. You will be able to download it right after you paid via Paypal, even if it's 3 A.M.