It will come. In 2013. Actually, in 2014, but that's a hindsight.

It will use the coolest forum software available, so it will be awesomely cool. Maybe even beyond awesomely cool. Not that I really know what can possibly be beyond awesomely cool ... Bliss?

I plan to open it first to my KING students and eventually to others.

If you are interested, I suggest that you stick around and keep checking this site and this page in particular. You may also want to sign up for my Yahoo group, if you want to be notified when this trading forum is up and running.

I plan to focus this forum on trading e-mini futures. I think that such a specialized forum is needed. Not that I am a big fan of trading forums, but I hope that this one will be better than most. I even have quite a few very good ideas to make it more interesting and useful than most forums like that actually are.

Update (10/27/14)

I keep working on the forum and yesterday I sent out yet another e-mail about my progress to all those who own KING. That was the fifth message in a series dedicated to this issue. If you did not receive this e-mail, please contact me by e-mail, but do please check your spam folder first. Some e-mail did not get delivered too, and bounced back, indicating that your e-mail address I have for correspondence with you is not current. The next e-mail, to be sent out this week, will contain an invitation to the forum. That means I am really ready to launch it by November 1st. Stay tuned for more then!

Update (11/01/14)

The KING trading forum was officially launched on October 31st shortly before the midnight PST, my local California time.

It was raining cats and dogs in Los Angeles, when I was sending out e-mail invitations to the owners of KING, a very unusual thing in California these days. To me this sounded like fanfares, or a good sign, at the very least. The forum is private at this stage and will probably not open to the public until early 2015. Its location will remain undisclosed too, and may still change. If you are a KING owner and have not received that e-mail invitation from me, feel free to contact me by e-mail.

Update (11/15/14)

More KING students will be admitted to the forum by January 2015, starting around December 15th, 2014. Stay tuned for more updates about it by e-mail.

Update (03/22/15; 5/01/15)

I got sidetracked with a few projects for some guys with big pockets (hedgies), and then by a few other things, but once Version 3.0 of KING is relased (planned for May), the forum will be re-activated. I did not give up on it and keep it alive. It certainly has a purpose to serve. More by e-mail in due time; check out my main e-mini futures blog too.