Business matters

All the other parts of this pretty large site are very much focused on trading, primarily day trading e-mini futures, and, to lesser extent, stocks.

However, there is always a room for more, for things that may not be as closely related to trading, yet not necessrily unimportant. And then, I believe a room should be made for things that tell more about this site, its business, or its owner, things of more personal nature. And since this site is part of the Internet, perhaps it makes sense to talk about the Internet here as well, at least in a way that is relevant to this site or useful to those visiting it.

It is with these things in mind that I created this section. It consists of three parts whose topics may overlap.

  This site

Things mostly related to this site and its business. As an entrepreneur, I like to know more about businesses, especially those I deal with personally, and how they are doing. The articles you will find below will revolve around such issues.

Covid-19 was bad, Putin-22 is worse - extending my recent offers to help the Ukrainian refugees

A long overdue update

Moving this site to a new registrar and a new host

Yet another KING client from Singapore

Why you may never see another mechanical e-mini trading systems from me 2.0 is finally here!

Business update

Twitter, LinkedIn and stuff

Curious cities

Twitter accolades

  The Internet and online business

There are things on the Internet that not so many people know about unless they are somehow involved in doing business online. Since I happen to be one of these people (online entrepreneurs), I will talk here about such things and about things that may not be so unknown to most people, but that could be of some interest to many, including regular visitors to this site.

  Finance and economy

Trading, and the stock market in particular, is certainly affected by finance and economy, so the need for such a section here seems rather obvious.


Things of more personal nature that can be of interest to those visiting this site or to my friends. Being an astronomy buff and even an astronomer by training who got his degree at Copernicus' Alma Mater, I may be a bit biased towards this field of research, but I hope this is excusable.

How I discovered Nova Cygni 1975

A rare sighting of Venus and Mercury

Transit of Venus - June 5/6, 2012

Watching Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus

A rare celestial configuration of Moon, Mars, and Spica