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Feel free to contact me via e-mail at

If you are interested in KING, a popular e-mini trading course (methodology) for beginners on a budget, or any member of the George family of mechanical e-mini trading systems make the subject field read KING or George IV, etc. Similarly for any other product I offer on this site.

Your email address will never be revealed to anyone. I will keep it solely for the correspondence with you.

While my presence on the web is not limited to this site as I have Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts as well as a Blogger blog, I usually do not use them for a two-way communication with the existing or prospective clients, but mostly to broadcast my messages to them or anyone who would like to listen, so please don't use them to contact me as you may not hear back from me.

You are, however, most welcome to visit them all and by all means feel free to join any of these braodcasting channels of mine if you wish so. I may use these channels for sharing potentially useful information with those who follow me, not only about what's happening on this site.

Once again, contact me by e-mail at the address listed above as this is the most reliable way to reach me.