Trading advice

This section provides a map for the general trading information this site offers, including an extensive section with articles on trading financial markets.

The main among these is A Word of Advice, a section with dozens of original articles on many topics related to trading, in particular on trading the futures markets, and on the trading marketplace, especially the shady aspects of it (dubious marketing practices, trading forums, etc.).

A special section is dedicated to trading tools, such as charting software or trading platforms, and e-books that can get you started trading financial markets. Since I have quite a bit of experience with them or at least a good knowledge of them, I think that I can safely recommend them. Not surprisinly this section is called Recommended.

There is also a section with books and magazines for traders called Resources.

  A word of advice

An extensive collection of articles on many topics related to trading and the trading marketplace written from an original perspective. MORE


Trading tools and e-books that I can safely recommend as I have either a thorough experience using tham or at least a good knowledge of them. MORE


Many good, useful books for traders and a few magazines that cater to the trading industry and its partcipants are listed here. MORE