E-mini day trading

This section provides a map for all this site offers in terms of e-mini futures day trading, including paid educational products (systems and methods).

The premier among these is KING, an e-mini futures day trading course based on a robust, effective discretionary methodology. As such, it has a special presence on this site.

Several mechanical e-mini day trading systems are offered here as well. They belong to the George family. While KING is not part of this family, as its very name indicates (King Is Not George), you will find it included among the trading systems offered here, just for the sake of completeness.

I may also offer here trading indicators for the NinjaTrader platform, so there is a special section ready just for that.

Finally, you will find here basic e-mini futures education meant largely to those new to e-mini futures and to day trading these highly leveraged financal instruments.

  E-mini trading systems

Mechanical e-mini trading systems from the George family can be found here as well as KING, a day trading course. The systems are intended for the S&P 500 and Dow Jones e-mini futures. MORE

  E-mini trading course

KING, the main e-mini trading product marketed on this site, has a special section of its own with many sub-sections some of which may contain many articles, chart screenshots, videos, etc. Originally designed for Dow Jones e-mini futures, it can be used for other markets as well. MORE

  E-mini trading indicators

Trading indicators for some popular charting platforms will be offered here in future. MORE

  E-mini trading education

Aimed largely at those new to day trading e-mini futures markets, this section offers basic e-mini trading education, e-mini futures contracts specifications, and recommendations of inexpensive trading courses. MORE