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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Waldemar Puszkarz. I am the sole owner of this site.

e-mini futures day trader and web entrepreneur

Many years ago, in March 1995, about the same time was called to life, I created one of the very first websites dedicated to futures trading. The site, called Waldemar's List, one of the last updates of which can still be checked out owing to the great idea of Wayback Machine, quickly became a very popular destination for futures aficionados and stayed on the web for the following seven years. I finally took it down during the summer of 2002. I did not have time for updating it being too busy with many other things in my life.

It was also in 2002 that I started trading electronic futures, usually referred to as e-mini futures. Now, a few years into my futures trading career, I decided to share some of my successful trading ideas with others.

I have been interested in the financial markets for some 20 years, been actively trading them for about 15 years, at first stocks and options, and then e-mini futures markets. I mostly trade YM and ES, and only very infrequently NQ. These are the three most liquid markets among electronically traded stock index futures.

I trade with Interactive Brokers. I don't use any special tools for it, but only commonly available trading platforms, charts, and indicators. But I use only my own ideas and they may not be that common.

physicist, astronomer, researcher

Some time ago, I graduated from a Ph.D. program in physics. My special field is theoretical physics. I also hold two master degrees (in physics and astronomy) from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland, that has among its alumni Copernicus and John Paul II. It is the second oldest university in Central Europe, after Charles University in Prague.

In Poland I am known as the discoverer of Nova Cygni 1975, one the brightest novae of the 20th century.

After receiving my Ph.D., I landed a job in Beverly Hills, CA, where I worked for a gaming company developing optimal strategies for various casino games. That lasted only about two years. Due to the recession of 2001-2002, I was laid off and the company soon went out of business. It was back then that I started day trading e-mini futures, which I have continued ever since, quite successfully, if I may say so.

And I still live in Southern California; here is a view from my apartment's doorstep.

My work in physics was focused on nonlinear and probabilistic aspects of Nature (general relativity, quantum mechanics, especially its non-linear modifications), which coupled with my research into the gambling strategies for games such as poker gave me a unique insight into the workings of financial markets. After all, trading is really a form of gambling and markets are both non-linear and probabilistic. My physics research papers can be found online and most of them are available free of charge.

Politically, I am independent, a centrist with a libertarian leaning, so, naturally, I prefer freedom of speech over political correctness or safe spaces and this site may reflect it. I also have a great deal of appreciation for the Golden Rule, which, it seems, political correctness and safe spaces try to reduce to shallow posturing, often with illiberal undertones.

this site and the internet

This is not one of those slick, flashy websites that marketers love to impress their clients with. That's because I designed it myself and I like to keep things plain. I am also not a web designer and not much of a marketer either. But then again, it appeals quite well to people who are capable of separating fluff from substance and since that's also the people who are most likely to succeed in the day trading business, I think that's a pretty good match.

It's a clean site with no ads that would distract your attention, no banners that would obstruct your browsing, and no superfluous images or videos to waste your time on, so hopefully you will enjoy visiting it time and again. The Internet is still about original content, and I say so as someone who has used it for over twenty years now. This is a pretty extensive site and there is plenty of original content here to keep you reading for hours.

While this is a large site, there are certain things you will not find here. In fact, what you will not find here is probably equally important as what you will. In particular, you will not find here statements like "the last trading system you will ever buy," "a double your money back guarantee," or "a system even an investment moron can use," etc ... I know that gimmicks and hype sell, but I also know that the buyer is quite often very disappointed. I would rather underpromise and overdeliver than vice versa. But that's just me ...

Once again, welcome and feel free to contact me if you need more information about any of my trading products.